We live busy lifestyles and our time is precious. Each day is a new opportunity to enjoy the things that matter most:

  • Relationships: family, friends
  • Money and our careers, living in abundance
  • Optimum health through food, exercise, environment
  • Spirit: personal ambition to growth & improvement

Feeling good is the corner-stone to enjoying our personal priorities. The challenge is in finding daily time to make it all fit. When it comes to exercise and time management, I’ve found that most people are going about it the WRONG way.

You do NOT have to spend countless hours exercising, working out, and going to the gym. You do, however, need to be eating correctly for YOUR body. You can achieve & MAINTAIN your ideal weight and body shape through your food choices much more efficiently than you will through exercise. I’m not suggesting that you disclude exercise, but I recommend that you focus MOSTLY on your food choices. If you have to exercise a lot to reach or maintain your goals, that is typically a red flag that your meals need adjusting.

So what should you do?

Hire a health coach to take the guess work out of what to eat. To. maximize physical efforts/improvements, integrate HIT training (high intensity training) a few times a week, with rest days in between. Strength training (Superslow workouts)and short, intense cardio sessions CAN be enough IF you are eating correctly. Check out the gym where I’m a strength coach…

We all have to eat….in my opinion, it’s just easier to make good food choices EVERYDAY than to waste time in the gym undoing bad ones.


A paleo lifestyle is a relatively simple concept. From a dietary standpoint, it’s based on basic categories of food that are beneficial (more easily digested according to what our ancestors ate). It excludes specific foods which can be more taxing on our digestive system, which can contribute to disease and compromised long-term health. When people […]