Why do YOU need a health coach

A good health coach doesn’t just tell you what to do or what to eat. It’s my mission to help you discover your own motivation and strategy for developing plans and goals, while encouraging you to stick to those commitments.

I’m your personal advocate to help you connect the dots between who you are and where you want to be. ┬áTogether, we will progressively implement appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. As we decipher your unique needs, we can set achievable and sustainable change.



We live busy lifestyles and our time is precious. Each day is a new opportunity to enjoy the things that matter most: Relationships: family, friends Money and our careers, living in abundance Optimum health through food, exercise, environment Spirit: personal ambition to growth & improvement Feeling good is the corner-stone to enjoying our personal priorities. […]


A paleo lifestyle is a relatively simple concept. From a dietary standpoint, it’s based on basic categories of food that are beneficial (more easily digested according to what our ancestors ate). It excludes specific foods which can be more taxing on our digestive system, which can contribute to disease and compromised long-term health. When people […]