This seems like such  a simple question. Yet, when I ask my clients IF they were hungry between meals OR have them recall WHEN they get hungry, they tend to look at me with blank stares. Most of us are eating all day, but have no clue what actual hunger even feels like. We eat based on the time of day, or because we think we should be hungry, or maybe we simply just have the time to eat. Many times we eat based on that famous saying “we SEE food & EAT it”. When are you eating? And why are you eating? I challenge you to an experiment: take notice for a few days, write down your thoughts.


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About Christina Hamler

I became a certified personal trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Super Slow, a specialized strength training program. Here, I discovered specific exercise techniques that were more appropriate for my body type. My nutritional journey began when I attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). As a graduate from IIN, I learned how food and healthy lifestyle choices could empower me to life my life more fully.


  1. When I eat outside of a normal meal, it’s usually while watching TV or playing a game on my iPad while I wait for my son to complete his nightly treatments. I try to stick with healthier foods like fruits and nuts. In my household, we also like the Quest Protein bars, since they are only 4g net carbs.

  2. I like this post because i sometimes, not even kidding, i forget to eat all day. I am so busy that my mind does not detect i haven’t eaten for quite a while. Until i stop and think about food is when i will actually get hungry.

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