When it comes to our eating habits, it’s important to understand where we should be focusing our attention. Are you counting calories? Fat grams? How many meals are you eating a day? Or are you jumping the bandwagon on the common trend of reducing carbs? I have a simple tip……

Start counting ingredients! WHAT are you eating? What’s in it? The fewer ingredients the better; avoid anything that has more then 4. Better yet, eat food that doesn’t come in a box, can, or contain a package. Buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds. Begin understanding what you’re eating so you can consciously reconsider HOW you could be eating better. I believe that discovering YOUR appropriate diet/lifestyle begins with KNOWING. Take the time.

About Christina Hamler

I became a certified personal trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Super Slow, a specialized strength training program. Here, I discovered specific exercise techniques that were more appropriate for my body type. My nutritional journey began when I attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). As a graduate from IIN, I learned how food and healthy lifestyle choices could empower me to life my life more fully.